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Privacy policy

Welcome to Airfarebooking Privacy Policy

When you visit our website and avail the services, there are some information which we collect and is totally safe. You can trust us without any second thought. Airfarebooking privacy policy will give you an idea that what we do with the information, what data we collect and why we collect your information. We recommend you to understand the points and read it carefully.

Our Privacy Policy explains:

  • The information you provide us , how it is being used.
  • What type of information we collect and what’s the reason of collecting your details.
  • How to access and update information, we provide the choice.

There are so many ways by which you can use our services – search and share information. To offer you best prices and show you appropriate results. We want you to know how you can safe your information and how we use the provided information from you.

We collect information in the following ways:
Information you give us
When the customer writes to Us, you need to mention your name, mail address and language you are surfing AirFareBooking.com in (or as desired).

Information we get from your use of our services
Through live chat or call with agent or even through search engine API, when you search and book your tickets the following information we use.

Log Information
When you visit our website and use our services at that time in server logs automatically we store some data. This data includes : What is your search query, date and time you called, how you use our services, phone number, SMS routing details.

Device information
We save particular device information (like mobile network, operating system version, hardware model , unique device identifiers)

Local storage
By using mechanism like data caches and browser web storage, we collect and store the details which consist of your personal details.

Cookies and various information collecting technologies.
The website of AirFareBooking.com simulates a single cookie on the machine including the state and session information. This is the distinctive identity for each and every individual visiting our website. Cookies themselves cannot be used by any third party to find our customers.

Cookies does not include any information of personal and individualized or any sort of financial information. AirFareBooking.com requires the cookies to be enabled in the browser you are surfing to allow us to provide services to you without and limitations or restrictions.

However, if you are not in consent in the allowance of the cookies you are free to stop using our online portal at any time without contacting us beforehand.

How we use information we collect
We compile this mentioned information to enable us to process the enquiries of our customers. This relevant data you provide is then used by AirFareBooking.com, our affiliates(if any) to communicate or get in touch with you on any mentioned matters relating the enquiries of the customers and provision of service as mentioned.
AirFareBooking.com may aggregate also the statistics and information for the sole purpose of scanning the website’s usage in order to assist

AirFareBooking.com in developing the website and services in a better way. These type of statistics or information will not include anything that may be used to locate any personnel or individual.

With the advent of time AirFareBooking.com may make use of your information for analysis and research purposes so that AirFareBooking.com can scrutinize and make their services better. Our team may get in touch with you to ask for your feedback or any type of comments you want to make on our services.

You can avail great offers through e-mail and at the time of request to call back and when our representative will call you he/she will convey you the details of offers and deals.

E-Mail Notifications & Newsletters
You can anytime contact at info@airfarebooking.com as we are 24X7 available to serve you. You can give us your contact details, so that when can easily contact you and get back to you with latest air-fares and offers. The details include e-mail, name, address.

Third Party Associations & Links
At Airfarebooking.com we are only responsible only for the details listed on the website. Any information provided by third party is not our responsibility whether it is showing on our website or not. We are not liable or can not control any third party activities and are not liable for any act from them.

Subject to Change
Without giving any prior notice , Airfarebooking.com can change it’s privacy policy. We will change any information mentioned there , if we find that it is required and if we wish to. We recommend you to stay updated with the privacy policy and changes recently made when you come to resolve your booking of flight.

Your personal information is safe and kept private with us- and put you in control.