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About Us

AirFareBooking.com provides travel related services at economical prices so that you quench your thirst of travel. The cost saving prices we provide on the trips will make your experience the most awaited one. Family vacation or corporate trip, we are here to make your bookings hassle free and affordable. We look after all your travel regarding needs, all you have to do is make a call to us and leave all the arrangements on us. Our services are not restricted to ticket booking, rather we extend them to resort booking, sight seeing tours, car rental and even travel insurance. We try to get money saver offers without compromising the comfort and facilities you deserve. Our special focus on getting everything in the limited budget is what gives us the name in the industry. We are available 24*7 to arrange for your needs and answer your queries to make your experience with us a better one.

How Was The Idea Of AirFareBooking.com Conceptualized

AirFareBooking.com is a venture that was conceptualized by the Director of an I.T Company, Kanav Chopra. He had the idea of providing low cost travel services at reasonable prices. We try to get you all the services of travel at one place including air ticket booking, hotel reservations, car hire, sight seeing tours and travel insurance. Your comfort and safety throughout the journey is important to us and the experience of our experts will help achieve this.

Our agents are available 24*7 to help you resolve all your travel related queries. They will try their best to satisfy you with their answers and attempt to make your trip more memorable. We have the agenda of providing immense comfort and ease of booking in limited price. The bargains we offer are tough to find elsewhere.

Your choices in various travel options are very important to us. Thus we focus on customer satisfaction. Our economical prices are best in market that you will get to know after you choose us for arranging your travel.


Our visual sense wants to make the brand value by giving best travel service to each customer and to the clients, which offered as highly profitable, beneficial and worthwhile.


  • We want to fulfill our client expectations about the high quality and perfection.
  • To establish the appraisal in the environment of modernization, trust, positivism and ability of the team work.
  • To develop and to make the service that offers permanent and long lasting value to the customers and users.
  • To hold the advanced standards of professional honesty and right behaviour.

What’s truly important to us as an organization!

How we win this mission is too much important as the mission itself. Here we compile the list of core values which is surely essential to us are as follows;

Our Core Values:

Best people

We powerfully evaluate that our people are proved as important assets which offers the base of our confidence and values. For the better place, we want the great people, who are constantly attempt to achieve more and more value for the the company.

Build on a solid foundation

We work on the relation of single contribution, high quality leadership and mutual trust. For team members, we provide big support of happiness and excellence by building attractive member experience. Our growth is totally depend on the hard-work of our team members.

Culture of ownership & leadership

The key of our company is only the ability of the employee ownership. Employees who perform like the owners only contribute the success of the company.

Employees who act like owners and lead, contribute significantly to our success. Ownership only creates employee satisfaction, builds commitment, and these conception are directly connected to the customer gratification.

Commitment to excellence

We consider to give the best what we do. We are committed to give star service 24/7 with the aid of continuous learning, determination and passion.

Honesty, Respect & integrity

We assure that our fellow, customer and our own people deserve respect and honesty in all the prospect of our business. Whatever we say, we mean to it, we will be on our words and take authority for our act.