Winter Destinations to Explore in the Serene Snow Clad Spiti

Winter Destinations to Explore Himachal’s “Little Tibet” is undoubtedly worth a visit because of its many beautiful trekking paths, unique culture, and sparsely populated villages. Experience this region’s welcoming culture by booking a stay at one of the numerous luxurious hotels or one of the many traditional homestays. The ideal time to visit this place for the best experience is either during the summer when the weather is pleasant and temperatures soar to as high as 15 degrees or during the winter when you can get tucked in your jackets and boots to get ready to absorb the cold temperature even though Spiti has cool temperatures all year round because it is a frigid desert valley. Frequent landslides during the monsoon season are a few of the reasons why most visitors choose not to visit this idyllic destination between July and October. Spiti has much more to offer than monasteries and gorgeous glaciers. Here in Spiti, impressive decorations herald the start of holidays, providing a convenient justification for a lot of singing and merriment all year long. If you’re fortunate enough to find yourself in Spiti at the end of September, you’ll be delighted to check out the “Chakhar Mela,” which is conducted every three years and culminates in the Lamas performing the Chham dance (mask). As Airfarebooking brings you a list of the unique places to visit in Spiti during your winter trip, where you’ll enjoy getting to know the people while taking in the scenery, you can book cheap flight tickets from US to India immediately for .

Consequently, going to Spiti in the winter becomes a very popular habit. You can accomplish it by collaborating with platforms that provide the facility for travel expeditions. You can book flight tickets from US to Chandigarh and then join the journey of amazing road trips to Spiti. All you need to do is to be prepared for cold and a lot of snow. Not all facilities may be open during this time of year, so it’s best to do some research ahead of time and connect with locals. Winter is the best time of year to see snow leopards in addition to the landscapes blanketed with snow.

The Giu Mummy

Winter Destinations to Explore
Winter Destinations to Explore

There are many tales in Spiti, but the Giu Mummy may be the only one you can personally attest to. It is reported that several lamas were mummified in Tibet during a drought. Most of these mummies were destroyed when China occupied Tibet. One of these mummies, however, washed up in the Spiti River during the 1975 earthquake, and the Indian government was able to retrieve it. It was kept in Giu, where a shovel accidentally struck the mummy’s head and caused it to bleed. As eerie as it may sound, you can still see hair growing on the mummy’s head. As with Airfarebooking it has become easy to book cheap flight tickets from US to India, now you can travel comfortably to the nation renowned for its beauty.

Village Mane

Winter Destinations
Winter Destinations

Mane, a village in Spiti that is among the most picturesque in the area, receives significantly fewer visitors than other settlements. Once a large village, Mane Yogma (Lower Mane Village) and Mane Gogma (Upper Mane Village), both of which are presently motorable, were split apart as a result of extensive damage caused by flooding. By crossing the bridge between Tabo and Dhangkar and proceeding to the opposite bank of the river, one can reach Mane Village. The locals are incredibly friendly and welcoming, and they welcome visitors with open arms. Mane Village might not have much to offer a visitor in the way of a market, restaurant, or items to buy, but it has things to offer an experiential traveler, such as meandering around the lanes, speaking with the people, and spending your time in complete tranquility.

At Mane, since only homestays and camping are available as accommodations, travelers on last minute flight tickets to India can request certain arrangements at the homestay.

Village of Chicham and the Zula

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Chicham is as gorgeous as it gets, despite being just another village in Spiti. It is the kind of village that almost no one visits but that everyone sees with the eyes of their heart. When visiting the renowned Kibber Village, Chicham is located on the opposite side of the mountain. Up until this point, the only way to get between the two settlements was by road for three hours or by Zula (a cable car). Only travelers with a sense of adventure take a ride on the cable car. Since a bridge connecting Kibber and Chicham has been constructed, many people will undoubtedly visit this charming village. But if it still exists, don’t forget to ride the Zula from Kibber for an unforgettable experience. Imagine, a pulley system with a swinging basket and a rope to grip onto, two cliffs, settlements on either side, a gorge dividing them, and angry waters gurgling 500 feet below. Breathtaking is the right word for the experience that travelers will avail themselves post traveling to India.

Dhangkar Lake

Winter Destinations
Winter Destinations

Almost everyone includes a visit to the Dhangkar (sometimes spelled Dhankar) Monastery in their travel itinerary. While the monastery is amazing, the entire community, which is called Dhangkar and means “a Fort on the Cliff,” justifies its name. The Pin and Spiti rivers’ confluence provides Dhangkar with a stunning backdrop as well. The isolated beauty of Dhangkar Lake, which is just a 3km walk away, is something that astonishes many visitors. Dhankar Lake is a sight of tranquility, peace, and stillness that might inspire introspection in anyone. To get to Dhangkar Lake, which is located in a desolate area, one must cross a shaky gravel path. The 1.5-hour hike from Dhankar Monastery to Dhankar Lake offers stunning views of the village below and the monastery in the distance. This lake is formed like a fish and is surrounded by mountains, which is entertaining in and of itself. Although the water is not as clean as in the famous Chandratal, the area is nevertheless worth visiting for its beautiful surroundings. As you book cheap flight tickets from US to India. you can expect to see herds of yak or yaks that have been crossbred with cows, a clean expanse of water with fish-generated ripples, and snow-capped mountains in the distance.

Spiti will leave you with postcard-perfect recollections of arid desert and dangerously perched monasteries set against a backdrop of pure blue skies, as well as some of the world’s highest inhabited communities. The location feels remote and undiscovered because of the small population and fantastic trekking chances. With its breathtaking scenery, high elevation, and frequent comparisons to Ladakh before tourism took over, Spiti is a great road trip destination with the extra perk of perhaps spotting the elusive Snow Leopard. Airfaebooking hopes that your next trip to Spiti in winter is full of adventure and memories.