Weekend Travel Handbook For Top Things To Do In Fort Kochi

If you love beachy, romantic destinations, Kochi should be on top of your dream destination bucket list. But our favorite would be the peninsula area on the southwest side of Kochi that is Fort Kochi. Here you can enjoy sauntering along the seaside or go enjoy the stunning mix of Dutch, British and Portuguese colonial architecture. So hurry and get last minute flights from USA to India on Airfare Booking and visit today!

Weekend Getaway Handbook For Incredible Things To Do In Fort Kochi


Arrive in the morning and take it slow by getting some rest till the sun dips. In the evening, head out to Princess Street and enjoy some window – shopping. Or go for proper retail therapy when you are here because this area is full of shops that sell handmade souvenirs and cotton clothing items.

You can also get silver jewellery, hand – embroidered clothing items or get your very own saree by picking out your favorite material right on the premises. You can pick up the saree in a few days, right before returning home from your vacation, even if it is late at night.

When you want ethically sold unique pieces, you need to visit the government – owned store called Tribes India. Here you can find truly unique and one of a kind souvenirs and showpieces to take home. End the day with a delicious meal at one of the cafes or restaurants and since Kerala has a policy of no alcohol, pair the meal with a deliciously thick and creamy Lassi to digest your food.


The best way to explore today would undoubtedly be a cycling tour, if you are feeling up to it. If not, go for a light tour of the area by using the various available means of public transport.

Start as early as 7 a.m. when on a cycling tour and visit all the different islands making up Kochi as one. The tour would not only give you ample breaks to rest up and relax in between, it would also provide you the opportunity to visit the backwaters, villages and beaches of Kerala. Don’t wait to get affordable US to India flight tickets on Airfare Booking immediately!

Ensure you make a stop at Vypin Island as it has the longest beach of Kochi, known as Cherai Beach. Stretching up to 10 km, the place gives you ample beautiful views of both the beach and the backwaters at once!

And if the bicycle tour seems a bit much for you, we suggest opting in for the tuk tuk tour by hiring a formal tour operator as they would know all the little tid – bits of information to pique your curiosity. Watch a Kathakali performance in the evening.


Today, you need to take it easy. So walk down the halls of the Paradesi Synagogue and explore the local cuisine that includes richly flavoured meat, veg and loads of fresh seafood dishes. End the getaway with a soothing meditation and yoga session to balance your body and mind before you finally return to your regular life. Have a light yet flavorful dinner and you’re done!

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