A Comprehensive Guide to the Cost of a Trip to India in 2023

India is a must-visit location for tourists wanting an immersive experience because of its brilliant hues, extensive history, and different cultures. In the article “A Comprehensive Guide to the Cost of a Trip to India in 2023”, we hope to provide helpful suggestions for lowering travel costs to India without sacrificing quality. We can assist you with everything from finding affordable lodging and delectable street food to navigating the effective public transportation system. So, if you’re wondering how much a trip to India would cost, keep reading to learn how to make the most of your money while you’re there.

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Total Travel Expenses in India

Budget Traveller: 30-50 USD / 25-45 EUR Per day, Per person

India is the finest place for young, adventurous backpackers who want to see the country to the fullest because the cost of travel there is ideal for budget travelers. This would include stays in shared dorm rooms at budget inns or in individual rooms at hostels for tourists. You would use local buses, local trains, and just one domestic plane for the longest journey. You would also eat both restaurant and street food while touring the most popular attractions.

Mid-range Traveller: 50-90 USD / 45-80 EUR Per day, Per person

If you’re the kind of traveler who loves to keep travel costs in India on the low side while enjoying comfort on your vacation, then this category is for you. If you can add an extra $40 USD or €30 EUR to your budget, backpacking excursions can be much improved. By including a few internal flights, staying in chic boutique hotels, and making friends at warm homestays, you can travel more rapidly.

Elite Traveller: 90-175 USD / 80-150 EUR Per day, Per person

If money were no object and you were accustomed to luxury travel, you would be delighted with the variety of options India has in store for you, especially in terms of hotels and resorts. Most locations are accessible by plane, and driving there in an air-conditioned vehicle is also an option. All of the big cities and some of the smaller ones provide top-notch gourmet dining options.

Accommodation Cost for Travellers in India

Travel expenses in India rates are often higher in big cities, tourist attractions, and during the peak winter months of December, January, and February. The lowest rates are during the off-season and the monsoon season, which runs from mid-June through September.

Budget Traveller

If money is limited, you can easily locate hotels or hostels in India for INR 700-1,500 (9-20 USD, 8-18 EUR) per night that offer a clean, basic room or a comfy bunk bed. Sometimes, but not always, breakfast is incorporated.

One can also get hotels in India for less money. Prices are as cheap as INR 300–500 per night (4–7 USD, 3-6 EUR), although there are issues with hygiene and safety. It is better to reserve these after checking them out in person. Our projection is based on a low-cost per-night rate of INR 800-1,500 (11–18 USD, 9–18 EUR).

Mid-Budget Traveller

Some more comfort! If you’re always considering a private room and a private bathroom, you’re a mid-range traveler. The typical cost of a room, ranging from modest but clean lodging to a few heritage or boutique hotels, is INR 2,500 (34 USD, 29 EUR) per night.

You would have a private bathroom every night, breakfast was frequently included, and some hotels included a pool, a garden, or a great view.

Comfort Traveller

You enjoy comfortable beds, budget-friendly boutique or historic hotels, rooms with stunning views (where feasible), and the occasional good pool. The average cost of a room then would be INR 4,500 per night.

The average nightly rate for comfortable beds with lovely views, boutique and heritage hotels that are reasonably priced, and hotels with great pools is INR 4,500 (65 USD, 70 EUR). There would always be a hearty and elegant breakfast provided.

Transportation Cost in India

Budget Traveller

Trains would be the main mode of transportation between locations. Keep in mind that trains are a fantastic and affordable method to travel around India, but on some routes, trains are either not available or are sold out by the time you decide to book, in which case you would need to take buses. Local buses occasionally cannot be reserved since they are only available at the destination.

To get to cities, you’ll need public transportation or tuk-tuks (auto rickshaws). The average cost of transportation per person per day should be INR 800 (11 USD, 9 EUR).

Comfort Travellers

A car and a driver would be supplied for the bulk of the journey. Trains would only be a viable alternative if they always had the best available class and had the most practical type of air conditioning. You would fly any time the distance was too vast. Having a car and driver for the duration of your vacation is a practical and adaptable way to visit India.

The cost of transportation would be INR 1,500 (USD 20, EUR 16) every day.

Food Cost in India

India is not an expensive country in terms of travel expenses. However, in larger towns and tourist hotspots, dinners can occasionally be expensive. If you eat at neighborhood restaurants, breakfast (omelet/paratha/idli/dosa) often costs between INR 60 and 80 (1 USD/EUR) per person. For lunch and dinner, you should set out at least INR 80–150 (1-2 USD/EUR) per person/meal. And for that much, you can count on a filling and robust dinner.

If you decide to eat at fine dining venues or stay at a five-star hotel with a stunning view, a dinner can cost anywhere between INR 1,000 and 2,500 (12-35 USD/EUR) for each meal, per person.

Wrapping Up

Consequently, with careful planning, a trip to India can be both enjoyable and economical. While there are many variables that affect how much a trip to India will cost, like the length of stay, the type of accommodations selected, food choices, and the amount of transport involved, this thorough information should be an invaluable tool for setting realistic travel budgets. Additionally, if you are looking to book cheap flight tickets from US to New Delhi, make sure to visit Airfarebooking, the best online travel website to grab the cheapest flight deals to India.