Travel To India With These Tips For Winter Holiday Season

The Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season has started! It’s the most enchanted season of the year, but it may also be the busiest for travel. However, as one of the most trusted travel agencies, Airfarebooking has experience in organizing the best traveling itinerary over the most suited holiday destinations. Therefore, we have put together this list of holiday travel advice to keep you calm and happy on your next trip on international flight tickets from US to India for the holiday season.

Travel has been extremely hectic during the last few years. Traveling during the holidays is significantly changed over the past few years, but as long as one uses the following holiday suggestions, they’ll have a great time celebrating Christmas and bringing in the New Year in India!

Populations are declining, borders are widening, and people have been paying exorbitant airfares to travel for pleasure, adventure, and connection. With Airfarebooking, travelers need not worry about the high prices as affordable flight tickets to India from USA are available.

  1. Air Travel

Air Travel

As the times have changed, anarchy, incredibly long waits, and turmoil in all airports are anticipated. It is important that travelers pay attention to travel delays and plan to arrive early. To minimize long check-in lineups, it is advised that travelers only bring carry-on luggage. Online check-in is a must before a flight. Travelers can purchase flexible international flight tickets from US to India. Even though the cost of travel is higher, they always have the privilege of adjusting their plans if necessary. It’s common for flexible tickets to include baggage. Travelers must do a thorough study and make sure they pay attention to the luggage guidelines or can contact the experts of Airfarbooking for any assistance.

  1. Dining, Tours, and Attractions

Dining Tours and Attractions

As an international traveler, you must make sure to bring a lot of compassion and patience. The nicest tiny present you can give is a simple “thank you” to anyone who tries to assist you while you are traveling to show your appreciation.

Traveling on a whim is no longer an option. It’s critical to prepare in advance. To avoid missing out on opportunities, schedule trips in advance, and in cases of emergency, last minute flight tickets to India are available. It is often seen that people are unable to take advantage of several sights and experiences because of restricted capacity and the necessity for reservations, which they fail to make. It is advised to arrive as early to board the plane and to the destination. As you will need time to find the best locations for food.

  1. Think About Vacation Packages

Think About Vacation Packages

You might get some excellent offers on hotel and travel packages because of how competitive the holiday season is. In addition to saving you money, choosing packages on international flight tickets from US to India also reduces some of the tension. However, in order to find these bargains, you must plan ahead or contact experts who can avail you of the best packages.

  1. Preventing Busy Travel Days

Preventing Busy Travel Days

Although it can be challenging at times, passengers can select “flexible dates” when looking for flights so that they can shop around for the best deal and book their travel during that time. Weekend travel generally carries a higher price tag. Flying during the week will work out better for them and the airport is typically less crowded.

  1. Christmas Day Travel

Christmas Day Travel

Some airports might just be the eerie ghost town of your fantasies, and you can get excellent deals. If celebrating a major holiday isn’t important to you, you can get some great deals on this day for your international trip to India. The same is true on New Year’s Eve, as flying is less common on that day.

  1. Travel Light

Travel Light

With all that winter holiday clothing, it can be a little challenging. If you can just fit a carry-on in your luggage, do it. At any time, you can make purchases in India as it has amazing markets for shopaholics.

Soaps, shampoo, conditioner, and toothpaste, for instance, are not necessary to bring. Anywhere in the world will have such items in a grocery store, and you may even reserve a hotel that provides complimentary amenities!

  1. Set the tone for the New Year early

Set the tone for the New Year early

Christmas is honored every year on December 25 and continues through New Year’s Eve. You can start preparing for the New Year the day after Christmas by planning your vacation and resolutions ahead of time. If you want to make this year different from the last, write a list of your New Year’s resolutions and choose one to stick with for the full year. Use it to alter the way your New Year has been this year. If you’re traveling, bring something from home, such as a few cozy Christmas sweaters. But don’t forget to support the Christmas celebration in India by adopting local traditions here in India.

To help international travelers, we bring forth certain locations that you’ll surely love to add to your itinerary for Christmas and New Year.


The most anticipated season of the year, Christmas, approaches along with winter. At this time of year, adults are just as eager to party hard as children are to receive gifts from Santa Claus.

It’s the ideal time to party because of the festivities and the chilly weather. There are several locations in India where you may have the best Christmas celebrations, even though they are not as extensive as those in Western nations where Christmas is their biggest festival.

The fervor and splendor of Christmas, which actually lends an intriguing element to India’s eclectic background, may be seen in the following Indian cities. All Indians look forward to Christmas every year because of its exceptional charm, which is provided by the cold weather. The aroma of baked and tasty food, and the surrounding Christmas lights.

As an explorer, you must check out and make plans to visit one of these trending locations this year if you want to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The locations for celebrating the perfect Christmas are:

  • Kerala
  • Goa
  • Kolkata
  • Puducherry
  • Manali

As for bringing in the New Year, some of the world’s most stunning and exciting locations are here in India. Therefore, there are many places like the ones listed below to visit and have a fantastic time when it comes to New Year’s Eve.

  • Andaman and Nicobar Islands
  • Lakshadweep
  • Gangtok
  • Jaisalmer
  • Mumbai


The iconic moment that sets the perfect Christmas and New Year scene in any movie is the snow cover. The soft snowflakes falling, and the kids running around the snowman, giggling, and hurling snowballs while bells tinkle in the distance is the idea of a perfect white Christmas. International travelers might decide to pack their luggage and travel to an Indian location that experiences snow.

As an international flight tickets from US to India traveler, you can experience the romance of a snowy Christmas and a magical New Year at some locations in India:

  • Shimla
  • Khajjar
  • Auli

Final Thought

As Diwali is to India, Christmas is to the rest of the globe. India, which takes great pride in being a secular nation, has a particular spot for each festival. Although the ways that different regions of the country celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Day vary. It is fair to say that the sentiments are uniform. Airfarebooking hopes that your holiday season travel to India is full of fun and splendor.