10 Things You Need To Avoid on Your Next Flight to India

Thanks to the trouble-free availability of cheap flight tickets, it has become simple to travel from one place to another. However, flying can be stressful for some. The regular things on the ground may be utterly different up in the air. And, they can be uncomfortable as well.

Thus, you should know what things you should avoid doing on an airplane to make your journey pleasant. Make sure to follow them along with the essential safety rules.

Here is our well-curated list of things that should never do to stay healthy and at ease while in the air.

1. Staying In Your Seat the Entire Flight

Staying In Your Seat the Entire Flight

During a flight, the blood circulation tends to get slow. Thus, if you remain in your seat without any movement, it can increase the risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). It is a condition that leads to the formation of blood clots in your veins.

However, you can easily avoid it. For this, you need to take short strolls around the cabin throughout your journey. Also, make sure that your clothing is not too tight. It needs to be breathable. Further, exercise every day to avoid such conditions when taking a flight from the USA to India.

2. Taking Fizzy Drinks

Taking Fizzy Drinks

When you are taking a flight, the pressure inside the cabin tends to change. Thus, the feeling of ears popping during takeoff and landing is normal. But, it can also cause the expansion of gas inside your body.

Further, fizzy/carbonated drinks and flatulence-increasing products are known to stimulate this process. Therefore, avoid it to trim down the risk.

3. Not Moisturizing Your Skin

Not Moisturizing Your Skin

Another thing that you need to avoid on your next flight to India is not using a moisturizer. We are aware that flying can be a dehydrating experience. The same goes for your skin too. Airplanes are infamous for drying out your skin.

Thus, make sure to pat on a little moisturizer. And, this will prevent your skin from becoming itchy and parched. Also, if you are flying during the day, make sure to wear a light sunblock. This will protect your skin against the harsh sun rays coming in through the windows.

4. Going Over the Top with Alcohol

Going Over the Top with Alcohol

Excess of alcohol during a flight can turn into a nightmare. The aircraft has arid air. And, it leads to dehydration. Also, alcohol tends to makes blood-oxygen saturation weaker. This can further lead to drowsiness and apathy.

Further, as per the common notion, you can get drunk faster during a flight. It is because on-board pressure can make you react to the effects of alcohol more quickly. Therefore, always refuse to drink before and during your flight. Or, if you need to have it, keep it to a minimum.

5. Taking Your Socks Off

Taking Your Socks Off

Cheap flight booking is not the only thing that you need to take care of when you have to take a vacation. Even when on the flight, you need to look after certain things. On among them is not taking your socks off while airborne.

It may make you feel comfy. But, trust us. No one wants to bear with your bare feet next to them. Moreover, walking around barefoot can introduce your feet to the germs around. And, it may make you fall sick.

6. Trying Out New Sedatives

Trying Out New Sedatives

Popping a sleeping pill during a long journey can be tempting. You can do so in case you have had that medicine before. But, trying something new can be risky, especially when you are surrounded by nothing but clouds.

Thus, be aware of what you are getting into. In case you find out mid-flight that you are allergic to the medicine, it may ruin your journey. Also, the drug may make you hallucinate, and it may not be pleasant.

7. Wearing Contacts

Wearing Contacts

Next time you are on a flight to Amritsar, make sure to choose glasses over contacts. The dry air in the cabin can irritate your eyes. Thus, wearing glasses is a wise option. It will help to keep you comfy. Also, the glasses are sure to prevent your urge to rub your eyes.

8. Ignoring Discomfort

Ignoring Discomfort

When on a plane, make sure never to ignore your discomfort. If you are feeling nauseous, do not hope for it to ride out silently. Also, never hesitate to ask for help. You can tell the air stewards about your issue.

Besides, they have the training to deal with all sorts of problems. Thus, they are sure to help you out. Further, their assistance can comfort you in most of the cases.

9. Eating Food That Has Touched Your Tray Table

Eating Food That Has Touched Your Tray Table

You have your India tickets and are on your flight having a meal. But, make sure not to guzzle the food that has touched your tray table. Although the airlines clean them after every flight, they still are home to many germs.

Thus, if your food crumbles onto your tray, make sure to leave the bits and not consume it. This will help you stay healthy and protect you against many ailments.

10. Consuming Too Much Tea or Coffee

Consuming Too Much Tea or Coffee

Lastly, avoid tea or coffee when on a flight. Its preparation uses the airline tap water. And, it is known to be bacteria-prone. Instead, opt for water. Not only will it quench your thrust but also keep your body hydrated. Also, we are confident that you know by now how vital hydration is on a flight.

Thus, next time you book cheap flight tickets and are packing your stuff, make sure to take a mental note of everything you need to avoid when on your flight to India. And, following it is sure to keep you comfy and relaxed.