Sarmoli Village, Uttarakhand: Your Ideal Escape for Peace and Serenity

Sarmoli is one of the many inspirational locations in India. Sarmoli, a teeny-tiny piece of heaven in Munsiyari, Uttarakhand, offers stunning vistas of the snow-capped Panchachuli Himalayan peaks and the laid-back rural lifestyle that contemporary people aspire for. The community has a vibrant culture and is well known for its ecotourism, which strikes a balance between daily life and conservation. If that’s something that interests you then book cheap flights from US to India through Airfarebooking and come along with us as we explore the Sarmoli Village, Uttarakhand: your ideal escape for peace and serenity.

According to the documentation, Mallika Virdi and her husband legally adopted this unique town twenty years ago. She made the decision to settle down in this tranquil village as an escape from the bustle of the big cities. Sarmoli now offers travelers 25 homestays through her creative actions. This action brought wealth and prosperity to this village.

Why Should People Visit Sarmoli Village?

Why Should People Visit Sarmoli Village

It is a little town with breathtaking natural beauty and a lively culture. The locals in this area are warm and welcoming, and they always make you feel at home. The entire range of snow-covered Himalayan peaks, including Nanda Devi, Rajarambha, Panchachuli, Nandakot, and others, are visible from this location. You will lose yourself in this peaceful area’s vibrant rhododendron woodland’s wonderful allure. Additionally, the glittering Ganga River adds to this location’s charm.

Their vibrant culture is what makes this tourism the greatest. Tourists will appreciate Sarmoli Village since it is so distinctly cultural. Additionally, you can find unspoiled peace here. Almost all visitors indulge in the delicious local cuisine. Each of these meals is prepared in the homestays’ kitchens. You can meet with locals and learn about their myths while trekking.

At Sarmoli Village, you can interact with the residents through a variety of activities. You can find local handicrafts, such as bamboo objects. You can speak with locals about their traditional forest conservation practices to learn more about the local fauna.

How to Reach Sarmoli Village?

Through Airline

Pantnagar Airport is the closest airport to this location. There are flights to this airport from Delhi and other major destinations for visitors. Thus, you can book online flight tickets from US to Delhi through the best online travel website, Airfarebooking. After that, tourists need to rent a cab or a vehicle to go to Sarmoli from this airport.

Through Railway

The closest railway stations to this eco-village are Tanakpur and Kathgodam. These two railway stations have connections to numerous important cities, including Kolkata, Lucknow, and New Delhi. Travelers must take a bus or vehicle to Sarmoli village from these train stations.

Through Road

It is possible to drive from a city in Uttarakhand to this village. The closest city, Kathgodam, is almost 280 kilometers away from this town. Almora-Berinag Road is among the best ways to reach there. Pithoragarh is reachable by direct buses from Haldwani. This place is a short distance from Sarmoli village.

Best Time to Visit Sarmoli Village

The best months to visit this village are March through June, as well as September through February. The weather in Sarmoli village is consistently nice because of its high altitude. According to the literature, the village’s summer season runs from March through June, making this the ideal time to visit if you want to escape the sweltering summer.

However, a hard winter starts in November. If you want to see the snowfall, this is the time to plan a vacation to Sarmoli Village. Mountain ranges covered in snow can be seen in the winter. So, browse through Airfarebooking today to book international flight tickets from US to India and visit the mesmerising Sarmoli Village.

Acclaimed Treks You Can Enjoy in Sarmoli Village

If you prefer outdoor activities like trekking, this place is the perfect getaway. Numerous hiking destinations, including Masar Kund, the base camp of Nanda Devi, and many more, can be found here.

Nanda Devi Temple Trek: This trek destination is a part of one of the most well-liked excursions from Sarmoli Village. You can walk to Nanda Devi National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, from this location.

Dhandhar Range Trek: It is a well-known trip with breathtaking 360-degree views of the surrounding mountains. You can also take in the views of the Gori River and verdant pastures.

Maheswari Trek: With this thrilling excursion, you can get to Maheswari Kund, a magnificent lake in Munsiyari. Messar Kund is the common name for this lake. Trekkers must travel almost 1.5 kilometres, which takes 45–1 hour, to reach the summit.

Khaliya Top Trek: There are lots of hikers who are drawn to this location. This hike’s destination is 3500 metres above sea level. The best time to take this hike is in the winter.

Accommodations at Sarmoli Village

This village is the most beautiful and tranquil hill station in Uttarakhand because it is situated at the foot of the Himalayan peaks. This community has close to 25 different homestays with cosy rooms and essential utilities. These hotels offer stunning picturesque views of Deodar trees covered in snow during the winter. The atmosphere of these homestays makes you feel at home. What’s most remarkable is that these homestays take Indian rural tourism to a global level.

Wrapping Up

According to tourists, Sarmoli village is a tiny piece of heaven with stunning views of the surrounding mountain ranges. This place has a thriving culture. If you wish to spend some time quietly away from the bustle of the city, this town is the ideal tourist destination. So, buy Canada to India flight tickets online with and enjoy the breathtaking scenery and beauty of Sarmoli Village.

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