Tips to Travel Environment-Friendly to India


Travel is the best remedy for all your worries and stress. You can get away from all the mental exhaustion and the hustle of city life when you travel to a peaceful country like India. 

All you need to do is to book your flight tickets to India and get ready with your itinerary for a happening vacation. Nevertheless, like every other thing, traveling comes with significant responsibilities. 

You might not be aware, but your actions might affect the area you are visiting. We have carefully made a list of things that you can follow for an eco-friendly trip. 

1. Carry Reusable Along

 Carry Reusable Along

Plastic products have been a major cause of pollution, and it adversely affects nature, including marine life. You must not take along single-use plastic products like straws, containers, tubes, disposable water bottles, and plastic bags. To ensure environmental safety, you can carry refillable plastic bottles on your flights to Ahmedabad or any other destination.

To reduce plastic waste, you can bring your toiletries, reusable shopping bags, some metal straws, etc.

2. Pack Light

Pack Light

You might be surprised how packing light can help save the environment. Here is what you need to know. When you travel with heavy luggage, especially in the air, you are increasing air pollution. The amount of carbon dioxide emission from the aircraft varies directly with the weight of the baggage it is carrying. You should, therefore, pack only the important stuff and dump the extras.

3. Minimum Energy Use

Minimum Energy Use

We all are very well aware of the fact that the production of energy emits a lot of toxic waste in the environment, thereby affecting it adversely. Being a responsible traveler, one can avoid the wastage of energy and save it to protect the environment. 

While you exit your hotel room, you should make it a point to switch off the lights, fans, and AC. Also, in case you do not want your room to be vacuumed, you can leave a sign on the door that says, do not disturb. 

Moreover, you can opt for one big room than several smaller ones to save electricity and other resources in case of group travel.

4. Using Public Transportation

Using Public Transportation

We visit hills because the air there is delightful and high quality. But, the major reason for the declining quality of the air in the hills is a large number of tourist vehicles. You can easily limit fuel consumption and carbon emission if you take public means of transportation to visit your destination. 

Nothing is better than exploring the destination on foot or by bicycle.

5. Avoid Wasting Food

Avoid Wasting Food

It has been recorded in a survey that the wastage of food is a matter of great concern for nature enthusiasts. The wasted food affects the land, climate, and biodiversity of the place. And to your surprise, a large amount of food gets wasted while we travel.

So, next time when you take flights to Amritsar, order as much quantity of food that you are sure to consume. You can even choose a buffet or pack your meal if you are traveling with older adults and kids.

6. Save Paper

Save Paper

Everyone is aware that large numbers of trees are cut all over the world for making paper. This cutting of trees results in various environmental hazards like soil erosion, deforestation, and even floods. 

You cannot surely avoid the wastage of paper at the global level, but you can do your part of saving trees. Carry e-tickets along and also the soft copies of other travel documents that you might need during your journey. 

You can replace your journals with tablets and even read newspapers and novels on your phone to save paper.

7. Conserve Water

Conserve Water

Some amount of water is polluted, and the other is wasted. Water resources all over the globe are under great crisis, and you, as a traveler, should be aware of ways to save water as you travel.

You can choose a shower over a bath to save the wastage of almost double the water. Also, you can turn off the taps while you shampoo, shave, or lather up. You, as a responsible traveler, should wash your clothes yourself rather than giving it to the laundry to save water.

8. Follow Rules

Follow Rules

Rules are meant for your safety, and they need to be followed in all cases. Like while you are going for trekking or hiking, you should always stay on trails and avoid taking selfies as that can be dangerous.

Exploring a wildlife spot needs more precautions. You should not take pictures with flashes as that might harm the animals, and they might attack you if they get irritated.

Adventure activities call for more instructions, and not following them can lead to severe punishments as well.

9. Do not Litter

Do not Litter

Littering ruins the beauty of the place and results in improper waste management. It also leads to an unhealthy environment and adverse health of the tourists. You should leave no trace of your presence after you leave the place. Whether it is a camp, park, or even if it is a beach, you should make sure whatever you take should be carried back in the same way possible.

Dustbins are available at all the public and tourist destinations; use them to dispose of the waste products. Also, you can carry a small bag with you that you can use as a personal dustbin and empty it in the dustbins present.

10. Choose Environment-Friendly Options

 Environment-Friendly Options

In the last few years, many hotels and other accommodations are opting for environment-friendly ways to save energy and resources. Book your services through these hotels to appreciate their efforts and pay your contribution to the same. These initiatives include solar power, rainwater harvesting, low-flow toilets, energy-efficient lighting, etc. 

Also, you can choose for tourist companies that encourage environmental friendly approach towards travel and tourism.

It is your responsibility to save Mother Nature from being exploited through unhealthy and unethical activities. Choose alternatives to travel and be a responsible traveler.

These small adaptations on your behalf will have a significant impact on the big picture and ensure a good travel experience for you as well.

So, next time, when you book a flight ticket to India, make sure you keep in mind these healthy travel tips for an environmentally friendly experience.