All You Need To Know About Transport For Getting Around In India

It can be a daunting task to choose from Indian transportation services if you don’t know what type suits you best. So before you get to avail our amazingly affordable flight offers from USA to India on Airfare Booking, there are a few things you should brush up your information on. Then after you are armed with our arsenal of information, you can make the best decisions for yourself.

The range of transportation in India begins from trains, planes, tuk-tuks, motorcycles, scooters, to rickshaws, cars, taxis, bicycles and more. It can be very confusing to figure out what fits in your budget, is best for your travel needs AND provides optimum comfort for the duration of your journey. We’re here to resolve that for you! Learn how you can do that and choose between trains or buses below.

All About Transport For Getting Around In India

Travel by trains

Easy to book, comfortable and super affordable for traveling long distances. That’s how we would describe this mode of transport. However, they are classified into types based on comfort and services provided. The most common ones are:

Second Class Sleeper(2S)

A bit expensive but seats can be reserved in advance. Comfortable for traveling long journeys on trains (including times when you need to sleep.

SL – Sleeper Class

Regular sleeping berths at super economical prices. Be warned that it is not clean enough and there is no air conditioning. Used for long journeys.

3A – AC 3 Tier

There are 3 levels of berth beds with air conditioning. Economical and comfortable at its best. So visit India ASAP by availing our best USA to India flight booking deals on Airfare Booking today!

2A – AC 2 Tier

Only 2 tiers of berth beds so more room to sit straight and enjoy the journey. You’re also given pillows, fresh sheets, blankets and towels for the journey and these are changed whenever you ask for it. It has AC and is comfortable for long journeys.

1A – AC First Class

The absolute best where you get a private cabin all to yourself, fully air conditioned. Though it is very expensive with prices similar to flights. Best for journeys where you want to enjoy the view outside on long journeys.

Travel by buses

They are of many types so make sure to make your inquiries before booking. The state buses are of 2 types, with AC and without. The ones with AC are usually better in terms of comfort while still being cost – effective. The ones without AC can be uncomfortable and dirty.

There are also private buses which are, again, of 2 types – with AC and without. Both are great for regular traveling where you only need to travel short distances. They are generally great for long journeys as well as they provide you services such as charging outlets, bottles of water, a rest stop in between and snacks as well.

Now, all you need to do is get affordable last minute flight tickets to India from USA on Airfare Booking and come visit India for a lovely vacation! Book your adventure now!

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