9 Ultimate Camping Experiences in India

Ultimate Camping Experiences in India

India is a well-known tourist destination. Flights to India carry thousands of travelers. Some fly for business purposes while others for leisure.

When it comes to camping, India offers the most versatile and diversified terrains. For instance, campsites are nestled amidst forests, valleys, or on top of mountain ranges. Also, Indian deserts, lakesides, etc. are ideal for setting up tents!

Besides, you can stay at eco-lodges, national reserves, and resorts close to nature. And that too without burning a hole in your pocket.

So, here are 9 of the most exciting camping experiences in India!

1. Tso Moriri Lake- Ladakh

Tso Moriri Lake- Ladakh

Tso Moriri or Lake Moriri, literally ‘Mountain Lake,’ is located on a plateau in the ever-beautiful, Ladakh.

The lake is at an elevation of 4522 m. It is one of the most picturesque camping sites in the world. The melting snow and springs replenish the water body.

The natural landscape is rugged, raw, and untouched. Hence, you will come across flora and fauna that is rare and unlike any.

2. Camp Exotica- Kullu

Camp Exotica- Kullu

Spend time in the Swiss tents amidst icy hills and lush greenery of Devdar trees. Further, you can engage in adventurous activities. These include river crossing, trekking, heli-skiing, fishing, zorbing, rock climbing, snow scooter, cycling, and hot-air ballooning.

Camp Exotica also offers luxury services. These include gymnasium, color TV, and multi-cuisine restaurants.

It is situated near the famous landmark of Naggar Castle. Other attractions include Manu Temple, Manikaran, Vashisht Temple, and Tibetan Monastery.

3. Nameri Eco Camp- Assam

Nameri Eco Camp- Assam

The Nameri National Park is especially suited for bird lovers. It is home to over 370 bird species. Also, nature enthusiasts fall in love with the ambiance of the place.

The eco-friendly camping experience is sure to blow your mind. You can visit conservation sites for rare fishes, and other animals.

Next, embark on a jungle walk. You can also trek your way through the National Park. A river also passes through the reserve. The Jia-Bhoroli River serves as an ideal spot for rafting.

4. Banjara Camps and Retreat- Spiti

Banjara Camps and Retreat- Spiti

The mountains are entirely free of vegetation. Hence, camping at the Spiti Valley feels like camping on the moon! The valley is situated at an altitude of 3650 m.

There are plenty of places to look around. For instance, the ancient Monasteries of Ki, Tabo, and Dhankar. You can view amazing Buddhist artworks and texts. Next, you can head to the pristine lake Chandertal. It also serves as an ideal camping site.

Another tourist-favorite is the Langza-Hikkim circuit. It takes you through the highest motorable road in the world.

5. Mehar Adventure Safari Camp- Jaisalmer

Mehar Adventure Safari Camp- Jaisalmer

If you like camping in the desert, the golden city of Jaisalmer provides just the right environment. Away from the crowds, the place preserves the old-world charm.

Folk dances, bonfires, desert safaris, camel rides, and other activities keep you entertained. Just a walk on the dunes of Rajasthan will make you feel one with the barren beauty of nature.

The parking facility is available in case you have a private vehicle.

6. Rann Riders- Gujarat

Rann Riders- Gujarat

The Rann Riders are set against the backdrop of wetlands and agricultural field. The resort interiors and rooms perfectly camouflage with rural surroundings.

The location of the place allows one to explore the local culture at its best. Moreover, you can discover the art of weaving and handicrafts native to the region.

Further, you can set out on jeep, horse, or camel safari through the Rann of Kutch. It is the world’s largest salt desert.

You can catch flights to Ahmedabad and commute via road to Rann Riders resort.

7. Tribal Camp- Madhya Pradesh

Tribal Camp- Madhya Pradesh

Living amongst nature doesn’t get better than this. Stay at the Pench Tiger Reserve in wooden huts specially engineered to give a rustic vibe.

Did you know that the author Rudyard Kipling was inspired by this place to create Mowgli and the ‘Jungle Book?’ To soak in the ambiance of the site, you can catch flights to Nagpur airport, which is about 70 miles from here.

The highlight of the place is the open jeep rides that will introduce you to the exquisite flora and fauna of the region. Other than this, you can engage in nature walks, bird watching, and night-gazing.

8. Coorg Planter’s Camp- Coorg

Coorg Planter’s Camp- Coorg

This eco-adventure camp is amongst the most beautiful in all of Southern India. Coorg is a popular tourist place, particularly for its lush greenery and other geographical gems.

Explore the coffee, cardamom, and other plantations in one of the oldest unspoiled forest regions.

Be a part of activities such as plantation and forest tours, or embark on a mountain trail.

To reach Coorg; you can catch flights to Mysore Airport and cover the rest of the 80 miles via road.

9. Camp Room on the Roof- Dehradun

Camp Room on the Roof- Dehradun

As the name suggests, you will be camping on top of step farms that offers unmatched vistas of the Viraatkhai Valley.

The mountain winds carry the beautiful voice of singing birds. Isolate yourself from the hustle-bustle and enjoy your stay at an elevation of 1900 m.

Furthermore, you can engage in activities such as rafting, rappelling, bridge slithering, mountain biking, hiking, and more. The Dehradun airport is closest to the campsite. You can reach the airport by catching flights from Delhi.

Whether a nature enthusiast or a backpacker, offbeat travelers or an off-roader, the above-mentioned Indian sites are ideal for camping. It is suitable for professionals, as well as beginners.

So, convinced enough to catch last-minute flights to India?