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The air travel bubble arrangement had strengthened the aviation industry of India to a certain extent with the talks of regular and scheduled flights to start again but the omicron variant has once again halted this progress.

The derailment of domestic as well as international aviation is likely to take a heavy toll on small airlines companies putting them at greater risks. Indian airlines are presumed to remain financially weak since passenger traffic recovery to pre-COVID levels is sequential with continued restrictions on international travel and muted demand from corporate travels. 

Nearly 1,000 flights (internationally and domestically) that were left out of the USA in the last days of December 2021 are reported to be canceled for reasons that remain unknown but with new improvements to preventive measures, the traffic from the US to India is progressing smoothly with hopes of getting better over time.

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Effects of Omicron on Passengers

Effects of Omicron on Passengers

Airlines are likely to face challenges if the situation escalates with higher cases of infected people and increasing restrictions on travel. Omicron is presently spread at a faster rate than the delta variant and has been detected in more than 89 countries forcing governments to enforce stricter measures at the beginning of the new year, 2022. 

Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) announced on 26 November 2021 that scheduled international flights will run operations from December 15 with some restrictions but with the detection of the Omicron variant and its alarming spread this had to be postponed till further notice. 

This all resulted in flights cancellations and travelers postponing their plans to a more suitable time as currently the flights are limited with high fares. The passenger traffic is yet to reach pre-pandemic levels while the morale of passengers is being shaken due to the pandemic. 

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A Rise in Flight Fares

A Rise in Flight Fares

The estimate provided by CAPA for the survival of the airline industry in India is $5 Billion in funding. This is one of the many reasons affecting the flight fares of both Indian airlines as well as foreign airlines. The most likely changes for airport charges are mentioned below: 

  • The increase in salaries and employee expenses are expected to rise again to pre-pandemic times while the passenger traffic has not yet reached that level.
  • The overall non-fuel costs will increase with the increasing capacity of permitted passengers globally. 
  • Airlines are currently understaffed and on the lookout for talent as they try to re-hire. Major airlines like Air India, United, Delta, and others are currently working towards the return of normal operations of flights but the unexpected situation is making it tough. 

Though presently the chances of normal air travel are looking slim the governments and airlines are looking for ways and measures to continue the scheduled flights as soon as possible. The airlines have cut down fixed and variable costs making it easier for people to find cheap flights to India from USA for their business or personal travels. 

The global pandemic has affected the world unexpectedly but people are working towards a corona-free future relentlessly. From the doctors working around the clock to researchers searching, finding, and improving the vaccines to governments taking preventive measures while spreading awareness about the coronavirus no one is succumbing to the threat. The airlines’ industry though facing problems they are taking them head-on for bringing the pre-covid times back. 

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