Best places in Leh Ladakh to explore in this summer holidays

For those travelers who wish to enjoy serenity, tranquility, peace, and a lot more, Leh is an ideal tourist spot in North India. Leh makes it very easy for travelers to explore some of the hidden Buddhist monasteries.  Travelers who wish to explore the far north of India always make sure that they end up visiting Leh Ladakh at least once during their lifetime. 

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Some most popular tourist spots in Leh Ladakh to explore in this summer vacation:

  • Pangong Lake

Pangong Lake

This lake is a symbol of peace and purity. It covers a total area of 600 square kilometers and some parts are in Tibet and China as well. Pangong Lake is one of the best places to visit in Ladakh in the summer. This lake remains frozen during the winters, hence the warm months like June and July are the prime time to visit. Pangong lake starts to melt in April and becomes perfect in June. Although it is a saline water body it has very less aquatic life in it. 

Surrounded by beautiful terrains from all sides, Pangong Lake is a popular camping destination for travelers. This lake is also a famous tourist destination for those who love nature and wish to spend some time away from city life. 

  • Magnetic Hill

Magnetic Hill

Magnetic hill is a popular optical illusion also known as “Gravity Hill” which is famous to pull vehicles by itself. The magnetism here is so potent that it can pull the vehicles uphill. People believe that there are supernatural and natural forces that cause magnetic attractions which makes this hill one of the distinct places to visit this summer in Leh Ladakh. 

Magnetic hill is full of serenity as all that meets the eye is nothing but seclusion. This hill is an ideal place to visit for those who want to go biking in the mountains when t gets scorching in the plains during summer vacations. 

  • Khardungla Pass

Khardungla Pass

Khasrdungla pass is the best place to experience the joys of motorbiking in Leh Ladakh. This is the most motorable pass in Leh and is an ideal spot for all the cycling and biking fans. The best thing about this pass is that it offers a peaceful drive on a road that goes through various mountains. 

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  • Sangam Point

Sangam Point

Sangam point is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the Leh region. Because of the presence of a couple of rivers, i.e. Indus and Zaskar, it is a popular tourist spot for those who wish to travel by road across Leh. the most ideal thing to undertake at the Sangam point is motorbiking. 

Its natural beauty and tranquility are major reasons behind the popularity of this place. This place is filled with surprises for travelers across all age groups.

  • Drass Valley

Drass Valley

This valley is one of the best places to explore in North India. For the enthusiasts of videography and photography, Drass valley is the most ideal place to visit. This valley is also known for a lot of greenery and freezing winters for visitors to feel at home. 

In Drass Valley you can even find some of the rarest species of flora in India. Everyone who is a nature lover can take a walk in the vicinity. 

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