9 Best Indian Neighborhoods for Every Traveler

Best Indian Neighborhoods for Every Traveler

India is famous for its rich history and heritage, cultural, and geographical diversity. There is another side that people overlook.

These Indian neighborhoods have equally compelling tourism value. Mentioned below are some of the best cities in India that are home to some of the most amazing neighborhoods.

If you have your travel itinerary prepared, the below-mentioned places will surely make you change it. So, start looking for cheap last minute flights to India, right about now!

1. Sector 17, Chandigarh – The Pedestrian’s Paradise

Sector 17, Chandigarh

Sector 17 is the ultimate shopping and dining hub of the city, beautiful. It is an open-air complex replete with retail and f and b outlets. From upscale showrooms to local shops, it is full of options.

Also, it is an amazing family outing spot that hosts concerts and other exciting events. One of the highlights of the tourist precinct is the musical fountain decorated with lights.

Sector-17 is a pedestrian’s paradise. It is located centrally located.

It is one of those places that you can visit with your spouse, kids, parents, or even solo, and still have fun.

2. Jew Town, Kochi – A World Apart

Jew Town, Kochi

The former flourishing abode of Kochi’s Jewish community, Jew Town, is synonymous with shopping, dining, and antique lover’s paradise. 

The old-world charm adds grace to the ambiance. It is amongst the oldest Jewish settlement in the country. Another highlight of the historical place is the 16th-century Pardesi Synagogue.

From the spice market, police museum, art cafes to shops that sell antique treasures, it is like stepping into a whole another world. 

Step your bargaining game up to score some of the best articles you will ever lay your hands on.

An unusual attraction at Jew Town is the world’s largest cooking vessel, called Uruli.

3. Koregaon Park, Pune– The Ultimate Getaway

Koregaon Park, Pune

Formerly a residential area, the neighborhood has emerged as one of the nation’s most opulent commercial hubs. The residents are amongst the wealthiest in the country. Also, the place is famous for one of the highest concentrations of Bungalows in India.

Koregaon Park is home to the Osho International Meditation Resort. Another tourist favorites are Indian and European-style restaurants, pubs, and live music bars.  

Since Pune is known as the state’s cultural capital, the place is also well-known for places such as the Bliss Art Gallery and Monalisa Kalagram arts space.

Koregaon Park is also home to many Europeans that settled here prior to the partition.

4. Colaba Causeway, Mumbai – Old Bombay Charm

Colaba Causeway, Mumbai

Colaba Causeway is one of the most happening places in the Indian Metropolis of Mumbai. The region is dripping with the old world charm and brings out the best in the city. It is one of the best excuses to catch flights to Mumbai

The place virtually has everything you can think of. Hence, it is the perfect shopper’s stop. The Colaba Causeway also has excellent and affordable dining options. From grabbing a bite to getting a beer, the choices are plentiful.

The cultural square of Mumbai, the architecture of the place, will transport you back to the good old days. There are many historical landmarks in the area, such as the Church of St. John the Evangelist and the Sassoon Docks.

5. Koramangala, Bangalore – Silicon Valley’s Hotspot

Koramangala, Bangalore

Koramangala has some of the best touristy activities and attractions in the Indian Silicon Valley. The streets are lined with trees, embellished with bungalows, luxurious apartments, and of course, commercial structures.

It is beautifully located between Bangalore and the Electronic City. It has emerged as a commercial hub, recently.

The neighborhood is divided into eight blocks and replete with f and b outlets, lifestyle and wellness centers, pubs, and lounges.

It also has premier working spaces and even libraries. It is not very far from the city airport. Hence, if you are to catch flights to Bangalore, it is a great place to start your tour.

6. Hauz Khas Village and Paharganj, Delhi – Charismatic Capital

Hauz Khas Village and Paharganj, Delhi

The bustling Indian Capital of Delhi is home to many neighborhoods. However, two of them stand apart. These are the Hauz Khas Village and Paharganj.

It is an eccentric blend of fashion boutiques, Vintage Bollywood poster shops, and established galleries.

One of the highlights of the place in Deer Park. It serves as a great place for family outings and picnics. It also houses a lake that has a backdrop of tombs and monuments that date back hundreds of years.

The eateries here are trendy and serve unconventional cuisine. Do not skip to grab a bite while you are in the charismatically, chaotic capital. Catch flights to New Delhi, now!

7. Park Street, Kolkata

Park Street, Kolkata

Park Street has been a zone of recreation since the British Era. It was the city’s party capital, most notably during the 1970s and 1980s.

It is not as famous as it used to be due to other important tourist attractions that have come up over the years. However, it is still one of the most beloved regions of Kolkata. 

Park Street is decorated with lights and fancy décor on special occasions such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve. With Diwali around the corner, it is the right time to catch flights to Kolkata and witness the spectacle.

8. Necklace Road, Hyderabad

Necklace Road, Hyderabad

Hyderabad is known as the city of pearls, and the Necklace road is its crown jewel. The reason is simple. It is brimming with beautiful vistas of the city and its surroundings.

Moreover, you can find all sorts of recreational activities. The famous boulevard also connects the Jogi Bear Park, and the exciting water park called the Jalavihar.

Both places are known for their tranquil vibe and ambiance. Also, the road hosts fun events such as marathons and evening hangouts.

The Necklace Road brings you closer to the pristine lake of Hyderabad, the Hussain Sagar Lake.

9. Mall Road, Manali

Mall Road, Manali

Mall Road is the main attraction of one of the country’s finest hill stations, Manali. The place is navigable by foot. No vehicles are permitted, except emergency vehicles.

As you stroll across the tourist attraction, you will come across various outlets. From shops to cafes, departmental stores to showrooms, Mall Road is nothing short of a marvel.

Moreover, the Himachal Emporium showcases the exceptional art of the locals. Woolens, jewelry, pottery articles, wooden products, etc. are available here. Also, the pleasant weather contributes to your experience of the place.

However, remember to carry extra cash as some of the shops do not accept plastic money.

So, how many of the above mentioned are you going to visit? Get your flight tickets to India reserved, as you would not want to skip any of them.