7 Travel Tech Trends That make a Trip Fantastic


Some of you need a break from the monotonous life, while some want to expand their business overseas. Whatever the purpose of your travel is, technology can enhance your experience.

The below-listed emerging technology trends have made travel more manageable and pleasurable. Moreover, some of them cater to key traveling issues such as making waiting interesting during layovers and booking the cheapest flights.

So, how many of the following latest tourism trends do you know?

1. No Motion Sickness

No Motion Sickness

A road-trip or a flight experience can quickly turn sour because of travel sickness. Well, not anymore! Beat it with the anti-motion sickness sunglasses.

• How does it help?

Wear the sunglasses on as you start feeling sick mid-travel. It works within minutes.

The glasses have liquid rings, specially designed to create a false horizon. The liquid level varies as the vehicle moves. Hence, it eliminates the conflicting signals between ears and eyes that lead to motion sickness.

The sunglasses have no side-effects. Anyone and everyone can wear them. Also, you can even wear them over prescription spectacles.

2. Book Cheap Flights with Look&Book

Tourism is a vast field. Social media websites are full of travel stories and blogs. However, one airline has taken social media and ticket booking to another level.

Book Cheap Flights with Look&Book

• How does it Help?

EasyJet’s Look&Book app allows you to score the lowest airfare deals on Instagram. You can take a screenshot of the desired offer. The app will then list the best flight options.

Also, you can even book car transfers, hotels, and other travel products. However, the app is currently operational in Europe and North Africa only.

EasyJet may soon expand its functionality to other popular websites such as Pinterest, and Snapchat.

3. Travel Easy with the Floating Backpack

Travel Easy with the Floating Backpack

Backpacking around the world has become easy with the ‘Floating Backpack.’ The suspended load technology minimizes the pressure on your back.

• How Does It Help?

The frame of the bag keeps it at a constant relevant height from the ground. It allows a person to move faster with minimal effort. You can walk or even run with optimum efficiency.

The floating backpack is a great invention, not just for backpackers, but hikers, trekkers, mountain climbers, and practically any person on the move. Cover steep terrain with ease.

4. Airport Pods or AirPods

Airport Pods or AirPods

The world’s first airpod has a chair that turns into a bed. Also, there is enough room for your luggage. The private capsule also has device charging outlets and Wi-Fi connectivity. Moreover, for entertainment, you also have Netflix!

• How Does It Help?

While traveling, especially during long-haul trips, layovers are a big concern. However, technological advancements such as AirPod are making travel easier by the second.

Airpods are hi-tech sleeping pods. It means that you don’t have to stress about the lounge access for privacy. You can nap inside these pods.

Besides, there are smaller versions of AirPods. These are Somadomes. They are meditation compartments, equipped with binaural beats and colored lights for passengers to rejuvenate. Somadome also helps fight jet-lag.

5. Electric Passenger Drone or Air Taxis

Electric Passenger Drone or Air Taxis

The passenger drones are completely safe to fly. They sense the environment and avoid obstacles mid-air. Further, these drones can be piloted remotely as well as while flying.

The pioneers of the luxury air taxi service are German manufacturers called Volocopter. However, the very first drone used for travel and tourism was introduced in January 2016.

• How Does It Help?

Imagine taking a tour of your destination in a flying taxi! Yes, you read it right! A flying drone powered by electricity that can carry passengers is here.

Since these drones run on electricity, there are no harmful emissions. Besides, the air taxi does not produce any noise pollution. Moreover, the drones help surpassing road congestion and traffic concerns.

6. Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR and VR)

Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR and VR)

AR and VR have been altering the entertainment industry for many years now. Augmented and virtual reality technology trends have become reasonable, accessible, and user-friendly.

Hence, the adoption of AR and VR trends within the hospitality and travel industries.

• How Do VR and AR Help?

For instance, VR tours of the properties pre-booking, and VR lounges have enhanced the travel experience.

AR is a technology similar to VR. However, it aims at augmenting the surroundings, instead of replacing them. Further, AR is more affordable than VR.

AR is used to enhance tourist destinations by adding a virtual twist. For instance, a tourist can gain information about a landmark just by pointing their smartphone’s camera at the building.

Also, AR is used to conduct treasure hunts around the property. Another example is using AR that allows kids to see their favorite cartoon characters.

Digitally transporting customers through VR and AR has helped increase tourist activity.

7. Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT)

Have you ever stayed at a hotel that has internet-enabled control over the fixtures?

• How Does It Help?

Hotels use technological ability to regulate the light level, temperature, and much more remotely through a device. It is not only restricted to lodging space, as flights also use IoT.

One more example of IoT in the travel and tourism industry is sending location information. Public transport services in an area or insights about tourist attractions, like the least busy time of the day to visit, etc.

So, these were the seven technologically-advanced travel services that make flying fantastic! New inventions are paving ways for the pleasurable travel experience.

From booking cheapest flights to sunglasses that fight motion sickness, every other travel solution is one technological step away.