7 Things You Should Avoid Doing When Visiting the USA

It’s always exhilarating to be flying to the United States of America. The country is highly renowned for its peppy vibes, renowned shopping centers, exotic cousin, and beautiful romantic destinations. However, with so much to explore in this country, certain rules must be followed in order to have a delightful vacation. Additionally, you can book the cheapest air flight tickets to US by visiting Airfarebooking.

Being one of the most popular tourist places in the world, the USA attracts a huge number of tourists throughout the year. This is exactly why people should be aware of what they can and can not do during their visit to the US. We are also well aware that this may seem simple to people who travel frequently, but trust us when we tell you that there are some things that you need to stop doing while you’re in the US!

So, to help you understand a little better, we have pulled together a bunch of things that you must stop doing while you’re visiting the US. Thus, if you are planning on traveling from India to US, make sure to check out this list of the 7 things you should avoid doing when visiting the USA. This way, you can ensure to not get on people’s never there and enjoy an entertaining holiday.

List of Things to Not Do When Visiting the USA

1.   Avoid Drink & Drive

Visiting the USA

One of the most important things to not do when in the US is to never drink and drive. Even though drinking and driving are prohibited worldwide, this country particularly has stringent policies against this rule. There are different rules and regulations on drunk driving in the US. As per this country’s rule, Drivers the age of 21 or older are strictly forbidden from driving a vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration over 0.08%. And for divers under 21, the legal limit ranges from 0.00 to 0.02%. If you violate this rule, there’s a high chance to end up with a hefty fine or even worse jail time.

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2.   Do Not Cut in Lines

Do Not Cut in Lines

There are a lot of places in the world where the concept of lines is not taken that seriously. However, that’s not the case in the states. The people of the US take this concept of lines very seriously. They expect you to stay in the line if you made it into one, and if you cut, there’s a high possibility that you’ll find yourself on the wrong side of a lot of people. And yes, Americans will absolutely start a fight with you just because you cut the line. So, be patient and wait for your turn in the line just like everyone else.

3.   Pubic Smoking is Forbidden

Visiting the USA

The United States of America strictly believes in the philosophy that everyone has the right to breathe clean and fresh air and they are not wrong. Therefore, many places in the USA have banned public smoking. Additionally, in order to further support this vision, many offices and workplaces have taken the great initiative of being smoke-free. Hence, if you have a habit of smoking freely in your country, we suggest you think twice before doing the same in the US. As they are also a fair chance that you get penalized in such situations.

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4.   Don Not Interfere in Their Personal Space, Ever

Don Not Interfere in Their Personal Space, Ever

Interfering in their space should top the list of things to never do in the US. Americans are very preservative about their personal space and they certainly don’t like when some stranger tried to push into their space. US citizens get very uncomfortable when strangers enter their visual field. They do everything in them to avoid confrontation such as looking away, pretending they’re checking their phones, wearing dark glasses, etc. Thus, always keep in mind to allow people a certain amount of personal space and you’re all good to go.

5.   Never Compare Your Country to America

Visiting the USA

Americans are very sensitive and touchy when it comes to their country. The people of the United States of America highly believe that their country is top-notch and best in everything. People are already much aware of the issues with where they live, thus they don’t need other people from around the world to point out how they do it better in their native land. As someone once stated, “ Don’t talk about how much better this thing or that thing is in your country. Someone might just tell you to go back there”. Hence, once you’ve taken air flight tickets from India to USA, it’s better to their American culture and mingles with it.

6.   Do Not Creep on Women

Do Not Creep on Women

Always keep in mind that making women uncomfortable in America with staring, flirting, and gawking can invite the police on you. If you are interested in talking to them, approach them kindly with courtesy and not like a stalker. Remember, a woman being friendly to you is not an invitation for anything. Do not take their friendliness as an invitation.

7.   Making any Jokes on Race and Gender

Visiting the USA

There are few things that can catch the eyes of locals very quickly. And your jokes about race, color, gender, sexuality, or weight are one of them. Your strong opinions on these sensitive topics might not end well because someone out there is bound to get offended. So, the best thing to do in these situations is simply nod or carry a pleasant smile and refrain yourself from doing any of these activities.

The USA is a beautiful country to spend a lavish vacation. Just keep in mind these 7 things you should avoid doing when visiting the USA and you are all set to enjoy delightful holidays. So book the cheapest international flights to USA from AirfareBooking and take your trip to the USA.

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  1. What can do and not do in the USA?

You can do anything in the USA unless you are violating any rules. However, you can follow the aforementioned list of the 7 things you should avoid doing when visiting the USA to learn more about what to not do in America.

  1. Is public smoking allowed in America?

No, public smoking is strictly prohibited in the US. Hence, if you have a habit of smoking freely in your country, we suggest you think twice before doing the same in the US. As they are also a fair chance that you get penalized in such situations.