Book the Wrong Travel Date by Mistake? What you Need to Do

Making travel plans for the holidays already is one of the most exhausting tasks ever. On top of that, if you find out that you have booked the wrong travel date by mistake, then dropping all your travel plans and spending your holidays at home rather than paying $200 to change it, might seem like a better option. However, what you might not be fully aware of is that your travel date can be changed if you are willing to follow the right process. If you have any issues regarding your travel details or looking to book cheap international flights from  USA to India then Airfarebooking is here to assist you with its top-notch services.

If these days air travel might seem like a bit of a complicated process to you, then trust us you are not the only one. While there is no denying on the part that making air travel arrangements is a hectic process and there is always a possibility of making a mistake. Unfortunately, in today’s times, airlines aren’t very forgiving. At the end of the day, they will charge an expensive change fee and will make us go the extra mile to correct our mistakes.  However, with the help of some deep inside knowledge, Airfarebooking can help you to avoid extra fees and assist you to book cheap flight tickets from USA to India.

Important Things You Need to Know Before Booking a Flight Ticket

First and foremost, if you by any chance haven’t booked your air tickets yet, then we will suggest you to start with an airline that will offer you some flexibility. Most of the low fare flight deals have the condition that you can’t change your booking dates. And if you by mistake have booked your flight ticket on the wrong date then you have to buy a new ticket by paying the full amount. Airlines such as United, Delta, and American Airlines are all exclusive when it comes to cancellation fees and they are adamant about charging $200 or more if you want to change your flight details. However, on the other hand, depending on your air ticket airlines such as JetBlue and Allegiant can go low and charge you a smaller fee – $75 or even better Southwest charges their customers nothing at all even if you cancel the day of your flight.

However, there is only one exception to all the policies mentioned above that affects all the airlines flying out of the US and that is the 24-hour rule. Read further to learn more about it and to buy affordable US to India flight tickets.

What to Do if You Put Down the Wrong Travel Date?

What to Do if You Put Down the Wrong Travel Date

The very first thing that I will suggest you do is to always review your booking details before swiping your credit card and then review it again within the next 24 hours. Check your flight details properly once your booking is confirmed. If you have found any errors in your details within that timeframe it is possible that you can make necessary changes without any charges. Get in contact with the concerned airline officials and let them be aware of your issue and they can help you further.

However, if you failed to discover any error until later, then there is a high end possibility that you have to pay up to $200 to $400 to make any necessary changes or might as well have to buy a new ticket. Therefore, just to be on the safe side, buy US to India flight tickets online from and you can get expert solutions from their excellent customer support which is available 24/7 to resolve all your conflicts.

What are the Charges that are Imposed while Making a Change in the Travel Date?

A change fee is basically charged by the airlines when the customer’s reservation is modified to a different time or date. The difference in the fare usually varies between the initial fare and the price of the new flight ticket that you have selected. If you decide to make alterations to your confirmed booking after the 24-hour window has closed then you will have to pay $200 for domestic flight changes and up to $400 for international flight changes.

If you don’t wanna pay the extra fee all by yourself then check to see if your credit card offers any trip cancellation insurance. There is the slightest chance that depending on the reason for your change of plans, your card may be able to compensate you up to $10,000 for an unused ticket. Try to book international flight tickets from US to India from reliable sites such as to avoid any hassle.

On the Final Note

As we said earlier, booking an air travel ticket might be a little complicated these days. Try to be a bit attentive while filling in all of your details and don’t forget to review it before swiping your card to avoid any future inconvenience. However, there is no need to panic if by any chance you’ve made a mistake. Remember there is always a 24-hour grace period in this course of time by which you can make certain changes or get a full refund on your flight ticket.

Anyways, if you are looking for affordable US to India flight tickets, then is here to offer you its delightful services. Airfarebooking is one of the most affordable and reliable ways to get cheap international flights from USA to India. Visit our site today, if you are looking for affordable flight tickets to India from USA or have made a travel mistake and wondering what to do.

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