5 Easy Tips to Follow for Responsible Travel in Ladakh

With the arrival of summer, the touring season in Ladakh has also begun. The Union Territory of Ladakh is situated in the Karakoram mountain range’s shadow in the Indian Himalayas. It is home to some of the world’s most untamed mountainous terrain. Ladakh continues to be at the top of every traveler’s wish list. It was formerly known as a biker’s paradise, but in recent years, it has evolved into a popular travel destination for all kinds of travelers around the world. The continual balance of remoteness and adventure is one of the factors that draws tourists to the Land of High Pass.

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Ladakh has become popular with tourists due to its beautiful scenery, undiscovered trekking areas, monasteries, and distinctive flora and fauna. However, Ladakh’s off-the-beaten-path location is precisely the reason you should be ready for anything—from severe weather to high altitude sickness, inadequate connectivity, and more. Here is a list of everything you should know before visiting Ladakh. Your journey will more likely go smoother if you follow these easy travel tips for responsible travel in Ladakh.

Why do you need to be Responsible in Order to Travel to Ladakh?

Why do you need to be Responsible in Order to Travel to Ladakh

Ladakh’s tourism industry has altered in recent years as well. What was previously primarily a heaven for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts is now becoming more and more car-bound, which is a worrying development. Where crowds of people go to “see” the most Instagrammable sites while being driven across the Himalayas rather than trekking through them. The Land of High Passes becomes the Land of Traffic Jams as private automobiles clog the very tiny roads that lead up the high passes.

The ecosystem of Ladakh has been significantly impacted by modernization and the inflow of tourists. Although everyone is welcome and safe in this stunning mountain desert, it is imperative to exercise additional caution when traveling in Ladakh in order to preserve the natural beauty that draws so many of us there. If you are planning a trip to Ladakh, then browse Airfarebooking to grab the cheapest air ticket deals.

Now, let’s check out some of the easy ways that’ll make sure that your travel to Ladakh has a positive impact on the environment.

Simple Tips to Follow  for Travel Responsibly To Ladakh

There are a few straightforward yet crucial guidelines for responsible travel in Ladakh. Use them even if you’re taking a last-minute flight to India for an impromptu trip. Review the finest advice for responsible travel in Ladakh and make an effort to leave the breathtaking area better than you found it.

  • Do not Buy Water Bottles in Ladakh

Do not Buy Water Bottles in Ladakh

This is one of the best recommendations for responsible travel in Ladakh. Ladakh’s filtered water is perfectly safe to drink, thus buying bottled water is not necessary. The majority of hotels, guesthouses, and other lodging options will have this. If your lodging doesn’t have this, you may fill up for about INR 5-7 per liter at Dhoomsa and a few other locations around town. As an alternative, you can decide to buy a LifeStraw, purification tablets, or some other type of water-purifying device.

  • Avoid Large and Overaly Luxurious Accommodations

Avoid Large and Overaly Luxurious Accommodations

When traveling and arriving on international flights from USA, consider staying at establishments that are environmentally conscious and committed to protecting the area. There is a concerning tendency that more upscale inns and bigger hotels are starting to appear. These establishments not only have a greater negative environmental impact, but they also fall short of providing the same cultural immersion and connection to Ladakhi people as tiny homestays. Therefore, when visiting Leh Ladakh, try to avoid large and overly luxurious accommodations.

  • Try to Share Transport

Try to Share Transport

This is one of the finest pieces of advice for traveling ethically and limiting the use of automobiles. Inquire with the travel agencies in Leh Ladakh about the shared taxi services that go from Leh to the majority of the villages. This is the most affordable and environmentally friendly method to get to Ladakh if you can handle a few bumps. Travel agents might try to dissuade you (because it means they’ll get paid less), but resist their pressure and stick to your principles. It’s a significant step towards becoming a responsible traveler.

  • Stretch Your Legs and Trek Whenever Possible

Stretch Your Legs and Trek Whenever Possible

DO NOT wreck the area by driving all over it! Avoiding this is one of the best pieces of advice for responsible travel in Ladakh. Historically, trekking was the main attraction of Ladakh. Sadly, it isn’t the case anymore. However, it’s still one of the greatest ways to see this beautiful area. You will also be preserving the habitat if you stay on the designated, non-trafficked trails. Additionally, getting a guide should be on the list. This way you will support it, and it is the Ladakhis’ main source of employment.

  • Shop Locally to Buy Gifts and Souvenirs

Shop Locally to Buy Gifts and Souvenirs

The most important aspect of responsible travel is helping the local community grow and prosper. Purchasing gifts and souvenirs directly from the local shops whenever possible is one approach to this. When you choose to shop and eat at local establishments, you not only receive a genuine experience but also support the growth of the neighborhood economy.

When you visit the breathtaking area of Ladakh, make sure to abide by all of the advice provided above regarding responsible travel. If you’re planning a vacation to Leh Ladakh, then visit Airfarebooking to get cheap international flight tickets from USA to India and keep these aforementioned suggestions in your mind. You can avoid damaging the breathtaking location when you come by following these straightforward yet useful travel advice for Leh Ladakh.

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