Connecting Flights – Everything You Should Know!


Connecting flights are those flights that require their passengers to board a different aircraft mid-way to reach their final destination. Further, the second flight that you need to board is your connecting link. 

Usually, people prefer direct flights over these. However, they can be a great way in case you are looking for cheap air travel. Also, there are certain places where you have to take flight connections flights to.

Thus, unless you are traveling between two bog airports, you will have to take these. To take away your worry, we are providing a guide that will help you understand flight connections better. Have a look:

1. Connecting Vs. Direct Flights

Connecting Vs. Direct Flights

Every time we need to buy airline flight tickets, we struggle to find some cheap ones. In this case, connecting flights are of great help. These usually are cheaper than non-stop or direct ones. This is because travelers are ready to pay more for their convenience.

However, a connecting link is not that horrifying, especially in the case of short layovers. Alternatively, if the stopover is long, you need to worry. You will have to arrange for accommodation and food in such cases. And, these can add to the cost.

But, if your ticket includes both these, you should not mind catching a connection. 

2. Working of Connecting Flights

Working of Connecting Flights

The working of these flights is not as complicated as you think. You just have to do everything you normally do twice. Usually, after your stopover, you have to pass through the transfer area. This will take you to your next flight. 

Further, if your flight link is of the same airline, you do not have to retake the security check. Besides, you need not worry about your baggage as well. The airline will shift it to your next flight on its own. However, this may not happen in the case of different airlines. 

Furthermore, a flight connection can occur in two ways. In the first, you need to get down the flight, and then, you have to change the seating. Alternatively, your fellow travelers will have to leave, whereas you remain seated.

3. Security Check and Baggage

Security Check and Baggage

In the case of international connecting flights, you may have to go through all the customs again. This is particularly true for Canada to India flights. 

Also, a security check is mandatory due to the time lag between two connections.  This interval is a layover. So, if it is long and you leave the airport, a security check is a must to embark on your journey again.

Further, in the case of baggage, airlines have different rules. You may or may not get it midway, depending on these conditions. So, if you miss your connecting flight, your luggage is likely to go on without you. 

4. Minimum Time between Two Connections

Minimum Time between Two Connections

Ideally, when looking for air flight deals, it is difficult to decide about the time between two connections. However, make sure that you get a link, which is at least an hour or two away. But, in the case of international flights, this may be longer than this. It can be three to four hours long.

Usually, the gateway towards the next connection is close by. This way, you do not have to be anxious about a missed flight. However, make sure to keep some time to go from one gate to another. 

Further, in the case you are at a bigger airport, make sure to have enough time. Thus, you can quickly go through the X-ray scanning and security check smoothly.

5. Missed Connections

Missed Connections

Always ensure that you have ample time between two connecting flights for a smooth shifting. In case your first flight is late, the airlines may delay the second a little. However, you need to hurry to catch your connection in any case. 

Also, usually airlines will give you your luggage once you reach your final destination. Therefore, in case you miss your connection, you may end up losing your baggage. 

Alternatively, if you miss your connection due to a flight delay, you are not at fault. During such cases, the airline will book you on their next available flight to your destination. If not, you may get some compensation. 

6. How to Ensure You Catch Your Connection?

Ensure You Catch Your Connection

Are you getting a good deal on connecting flights to Cochin? Do not hesitate and grab the deal immediately because we are here to help you.

Here are a few of our tips that will ensure that you catch your connecting flight.

  • Always prefer a single ticket journey when taking a connecting flight.
  • Further, make sure you know the minimum time you need to get to your flight connection in time.
  • Try opting for a single airline for both your links. Also, they can be an alliance of your first airline.
  • Further, you can try to keep a buffer in your schedule.
  • Also, know how to pick the right airport hub for this.
  • Lastly, avoid last-minute flight connections.

A Connecting flight is not as terrible as it appears to be. It can be hassle-free if you do everything considering the time. Also, if you need cheap flight tickets to India, booking a connecting flight is a smart travel hack. It is sure to help you get maximum savings.