An Update Issued by VFS Global for Indian Visa Applicants

VFS Global is the world’s largest visa outsourcing and technology services specialist for diplomatic and government missions worldwide. 

As the pandemic rages on, because of the concern VFS Global shared an important update for visa applicants in the USA on 11 January 2022. This was regarding the submission of visa applications at Indian Consular Application Centres. Before looking for cheap flight tickets from US to India you need to follow up on the update and apply for Indian Visa ensuing the procedure given below.

VFS Global clearly stated that the visa applications at the Embassy/Consular will no longer be accepted in-person via over-the-counter or walk-in with or without appointments for Indian Visa till further notice. This is all because of the large surge in Covid -19 cases. 

How to Submit Visa Applications?

Due to the increasing spread of Omicron (the latest variant of Covid-19), walk-in visa applications are rejected by VFS Global and Indian Consular Application Centres. But Indian Visa Applicants can continue to apply for visas via postal process or through emergency visa services. 

The emergency visa services that were resumed by VFS Global in 2021 are still not revised. 


Register on VFS Global portal to submit your Consular applications to VFS Indian Consular Application Centre. This step is very important. Apart from this, it is also compulsory to fill out the consular application form online on the Government of India website to apply by the postal process. 

To start the postal registration process on VFS Global portal, you will need an Application Reference Number (ARN), File Number, or Application ID. After that, all your documentation and certificates will also be verified online only.

Things to consider when applying for Visa via post-process

Things to consider when applying for Visa via post-process:

When you start the process you will be asked:

  • To review the information filled on the government form for accuracy before the registration process on VFS Indian Consular Application Centre’s portal. 
  • Unless the VFS system verifies the accuracy of information provided on the Government portal, the process will not start.
  • Make sure to upload the photographs on the Government portal for Visa Applications and OCI. 
  • If you have submitted the form online on both VFS and Government portal, then do not make any edits. 
  • In case of any mistakes, you need to complete the registration process again while completing the process on VFS or Government Portal.

Before making the online payment ensure that:

  • File reference number, application reference number, or application id is correct. 
  • Your passport number is correct.
  • The location of the VFS Indian Consular Application Centre as per your Consular Jurisdiction is correct. 
  • The category chosen for the application is correct. 
  • Always make sure that the details on the government form and VFS registration portal matches your passport. 

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