A Journey Through the Nagaur Cattle Fair in Incredible India

In India, the Nagaur Fair is the second-largest fair. Known by locals as the Cattle Fair of Nagaur, it typically takes place in January or February each year and is a gathering place for animal traders. At this annual fair, traders exchange bullocks, camels, and horses. Even the owners of the animals dress up in colorful turbans and long mustaches to match the lavish decorations on the animals. Sheep, horses, and even spices are exchanged in addition to cattle. The Mirchi Bazaar, which sells wooden goods, iron crafts, and camel leather accessories, are additional points of attraction. The fair also includes several sporting events. These consist of horse dancing, camel dancing, and tug-of-war. The main draw of cultural events in Nagaur is the traditional art form known as kuchamani khyal. In addition, the Nagaur Fair is well-known for its storytellers, puppeteers, and jugglers. Make your hassle free bookings to india with us, click on Airfarebooking.com for Affordable Flight Tickets to India from USA.

Date of Nagaur Fair: 15 Feb to 18 Feb

History of Nagaur Fair

Kings used to tax the money that the people made from trading animals. The people held lavish celebrations to draw traders who were traveling along the commercial route. Traveling merchants from faraway places are reported to set up camp in the carnival and spend the night there. Singing and playing music in the evenings, merchants passed the time.

But King Umed Singh started the celebration of this occasion 56 years ago when he brought the Sufi sant Shri Ramdeoji to Nagaur to show off his abilities. The residents and locals who had assembled at Nagaur to witness his abilities were convinced of his extraordinary abilities. Every year, the locals visited him to show their gratitude, and they demanded that he remain in Nagaur.

How is the Nagaur Cattle Fair Celebrated?

Over four to ten days, this is the nation’s second-largest animal fair. To encourage the vendors to showcase their cattle, the fair opens each day with events and attractions centered around cattle. Every dealer will keep his animals in a shed or camp of their own. As they browse and haggle, the purchasers move between the sheds. Most of the customers would depart by sunset, but the vendors would remain with their animals. The celebration and cultural events begin after sundown. During the day, the marketplaces and games will be open. Over four to ten days, this is the nation’s second-largest animal fair.

Things to Do at Nagaur Cattle Fair:

  • Explore the many breeds of dairy cows, horses, bulls, and camels on show when you visit the animal market.
  • Take part in the typical camel races and observe the intense rivalry.
  • Shop the various stalls at the fair for traditional clothes and handicrafts made in this region.
  • Try some of the mouthwatering regional fare beverages, such as spicy curries and cool lassis.
  • Discover the history and architecture of the neighboring Nagaur Fort by going on a guided tour.
  • Experience traditional dance and musical acts, including puppet shows, jugglers, storytellers, and Rajasthani folk music and Bhavai dance.
  • Discover the habits and traditions of the people by coming to know them.
  • Experience the spectacular splendor of the area by going on a camel safari across the nearby desert.
  • Engage in activities like tent pegging, turban tying, and kite flying.


Through Air

The Airport that is close to the city is Jodhpur Airport, which is around 137 Kilometers away. There are flights from Jodhpur to several major Indian cities, such as Mumbai, Delhi, and Jaipur. But, one must hire a taxi from Jodhpur in order to go to Nagaur. You can explore the last minutes flight Tickets from US to India with us, click on Airfarebooking.com to learn more.

Through Train

There is a train station in Nagaur. It is connected to Kolkata by the Howrah-Jaipur Express and to Jaipur and Bikaner via the Jaipur Bikaner Intercity Express. Nevertheless, trains do not run directly between Mumbai and Delhi. To get better train connections, one must travel to Jaipur.

Via Road

From Jaipur, two road routes lead to Nagaur. One route goes through Sikar, and the other via Jodhpur. Regular service buses are operated by Rajasthan State Transport. Taxis and private cars also travel the route via Jaipur.

Final Words

Visit the colourful Nagaur Fair to see massive herds of cattle and the cheerful customs of the Rajasthani royal family. Explore through our collection of Business class flight ticket to India from USA. Make comfortable and hassle-free travel plans and airline tickets to India to the Royal Rajasthan with Airfarebooking.com.Business class flight ticket to India from USA.

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