7 Airline Services That You Might be Unaware of


You might not be aware of all the services and hidden perks that are offered by your airlines. To make your journey more comfortable, airlines make every little effort to make you feel tireless.

Cheapest flight tickets are one such facility; every airline is trying to uplift their facilities. To stay more competitive, stand out of the others, and maintain their high position, these facilities help them get the right name in the market.

Get a glimpse of the updated facilities from your favorite airlines on your next flight to India.

1. Special Day Celebrations

Special Day Celebrations

When you inform the airlines that you are planning a trip on your birthday, anniversary, or any other significant day, you are sure to get a special treat. You can enquire in advance about any special offer as per the occasion to avail of the benefits when required.

So, if you are planning to book flights to India on a special day, airlines can make it even more special on board.

2. Free on-board Wi-Fi

Free on-board Wi-Fi

In case you want to browse the web in the air, you might have to pay high for the services that you are offered. But, as per the need of the hour, many airlines have come up with the complimentary Wi-Fi services for its passengers.

JetBlue is one such airline that offers it on all its domestic flights and Emirates has the same facilities on most of its flights.

Many other airlines on the list are also making every effort to help their passengers catch up with the trend.

3. Kid-friendly Flight

Kid-friendly Flight

Traveling with kids can be very stressful for you as well as for your fellow passengers. Kid’s tantrums cannot be dealt with at all times. They irritate you when they are hungry, want to sleep, or are not comfortable sleeping, and basically at any time.

Certain airlines can go extra miles in entertaining the kids and giving them all the comfort they need.

Air New Zealand offers you exclusive food in case you are unwell. They also treat kids with special activities. The sky couch can be converted to a bed just by pressing a button.

Flying nannies are present in Etihad that have crewmembers trained in childcare. EVA Airways and Asiana Airlines provide TV shows and face painting ideas for easy pass time for kids.

Book flights to Chennai with your favorite airline and avail of all these exceptional benefits.

4. Charging Outlets

Charging Outlets

Batteries and other devices get drained off even when they are in the air. Some airlines offer this charging facility for each passenger, even in the coach class. Alaska, Emirates, and Virgin America are some of the airlines equipped with such facilities for all.

Also, in case you are not able to see any outlet, you can ask for assistance from your flight attendants about their location on-board.

5. Free Lounge Access

Free Lounge Access

Many airlines have cushy lounges that you can access only after the payment of high charges. In some cases, you might have to buy a first-class ticket to have access to these.

But now, to meet the competition, airlines have started offering the lounge facilities for everyone and that too free of cost. You can use the charging facilities, snacks, Wi-Fi, and other beverages.

6. Free Hotel Stay

Free Hotel Stay

You definitely do not want to sleep at an airport, but there are cases when you have no other choice. In case of long haul international flight ticket bookings to India, you do not have an option.

Some airlines provide free hotel services to their passengers in such cases. Some other airlines even offer free shuttle facilities to and from the airport.

In case you have booked your tickets for international travel, you should check in advance e if your airline offers any provision for layover extending 8 hours. There might be cases that you can take a long and cozy nap in the hotel room without spending any money.

7. On-Board Facilities

On-Board Facilities

Every airline is trying its best to improve the services that they offer to the passengers on –board. Every traveler desires leisure and luxury and chooses the best when it comes to the comfort of traveling.

Do a wise survey before making your bookings, because comfort is all that you need.

The crewmembers can help you in anything, from first aid kit, flight firefighting, emergency landing, and security. Your flight attendants have solutions for all your flight-related issues. Do not hesitate to ask for help.

You need not settle for less, and avail of all the possible facilities that you can get from your airline. It is more than just the cheapest flight tickets for sure.