7 Must-Know Airline Passenger Rights


The airline industry is growing fast. Thus, more and more people fly each day. It is due to this, the chance of something going wrong is also increasing.

Delay in flights, lost baggage, and disputes on refunds are common these days. Thus, just in case a disaster strikes, you should know about all the airline passenger rights that you have.

Here is a well-curated list of all the airline passenger rights that you should know before cheap flight bookings to India.

1.Ticket Purchase

Ticket Purchase

As per the rules, the airline should state the total price of your ticket clearly in every advertisement. Also, they need to do include all taxes, carrier charges, and other fees. Further, in case the cost appears in an itemized list, they must show the prominent ticket price and avoid confusion.

Thus, when you find a cheap flight offer, the airline cannot boost the price by adding any other optional services. They cannot even make you opt-out of purchasing any service. You have the full power to choose your add-on services.

Furthermore, this same policy applies to your baggage too. Therefore, the airlines cannot bill you for any services you are not opting for.

2.Flight Cancellation/Delay

Flight Cancellation/Delay

If you travel often, you may have had your flight canceled or delayed. It is a common thing. However, if this leaves you in a lurch, worry not. This is because in such cases, you can get a full refund.

Some airlines also offer to book you for free on their next flight instead of a refund. But, if you decide to cancel your trip altogether, you may not get a refund.

Furthermore, you are in no such luck if there is a delay in your flight. Even the cancellation charges are hefty. Therefore, all you can do is waiting in such cases.

3.Name Changes

Name Changes

If you misspell your name or invert the digits of your passport, you need to worry. This is because airlines are under no obligation to correct such mistakes. However, they can change this by charging you a nominal fee.

Thus, if you have booked a flight to Cochin, but have misspelled your name, consider it bad news. You will have to spend some money to change it. Further, if you are lucky, some airlines do adjust it for free. However, they do this only under exceptional circumstances.

4.Voluntary Bumping/Overbooking

Voluntary Bumping/Overbooking

As infuriating as it may be, airlines can overbook flights. They do this to balance passengers who do not show. If this happens, they remove willing passengers voluntarily from the overbooked flight.

Also, the airline reserves a spot for these passengers on their next flight. Further, they also provide compensation. This can be a voucher or even cash. It is up to you to decide.

5.Involuntary Bumping/Overbooking

Involuntary Bumping/Overbooking

After seeking out the volunteers, airlines can also remove passengers involuntarily. However, in such a case, they have to provide a written statement to outline your rights.

Furthermore, they have to refund you. It can be given either in cash or as a check. Also, the total cost includes the actual cost of your flight ticket and the total delay length. Thus, even if you have booked the cheapest flight ticket, your refund will be the original price of the ticket.

6.Lost/Delayed/Damaged Baggage

Lost/Delayed/Damaged Baggage


If you do not find your luggage at the conveyer belt, it is not necessarily lost. In fact, it is not officially missing until the airline confirms it. Besides, most of them are not lost until five to fourteen days post your flight.

Therefore, you need to wait. Also, refer to your airline’s carriage contract. This way, you will know what they do in case of lost baggage. If they declare it lost, you should know about all the compensation policies.

Also, if there is only a delay in your baggage, airlines still need to compensate you. They do this any reasonable expenses that occur during the delay period. However, it is up to you to file a claim with your airline. This way, you will keep on top of their priority list until they solve your issue.

Furthermore, you will also get some compensation in case of any damage to your baggage. This will happen only if the damage occurs when your stuff is with the airline. Also, it also has to bear the cost of repair of your bag. Otherwise, they can provide some compensation if it is beyond repair.

7.Aircraft Disinsection

Aircraft Disinsection

Airlines usually perform disinsection. This is the treating of an airplane cabin with certain pesticides. They typically complete this process before boarding. Alternatively, they can do it mid-flight or while the passengers are on board.

Further, it is done to prevent the increase of diseases. These include the ones spread by insects such as yellow fever, malaria, or zika. However, it is still unknown if it is hazardous to passengers’ health as well. Thus, always make sure to check the airline’s policy to know about the same.

Thus, understanding the passenger rights of an airline before booking a cheap flight to India is a great idea. It can empower you with confidence in case there is a delay in your flight, or you lose your baggage.